Domain Mapping

To perform domain mapping, go to the “Tools” tab and then “Domain Mapping.”  This option is available to school technicians only.

Enter your schools domain name, for example,, in the input box provided (see Figure 1):

Figure 1: Domain Mapping

An SSL certificate will be created automatically.

Domain mapping requires your school’s DNS records to point to

Please Contact School Websites for assistance with updating your school’s DNS records.  Additional information will be provided here with time.

When the domain name has changed, you should update any URLs accordingly (such as of images in the media library).  Note that the original address will continue to work.  Also, the non-www domain (e.g. will be supported (or vice-vera), but not over HTTPS.

Removing a Domain Name

To remove a domain name (such as to use the domain name instead for another School Websites site), remove the domain name from the domain name box (see also Figure 1 above), and click “Save Changes.”

The domain name is also removed from the configuration when a site is deleted.