Designing Websites

The School Websites practice is to use WordPress Core Themes, and then apply Increasing Customisation through the user-interface.

Importantly, the website design task can be delegated by the school technician to a third-party.  To delegate, add a WordPress user.  Go to the “Users” tab and then “Add New.”  Ensure that the new user is granted an “Administrator” role.

Note: School technicians can create “development” websites for free, and independent of the main website.  This opens up options for design, development and deployment.  See also Domain Mapping.

Using the Core Themes

To change the theme, go to the “Appearance” tab and then “Themes.”  This option is available to school technicians (or authorised administrators) only.

Eight themes are included by default: the WordPress Twenty TenTwenty ElevenTwenty TwelveTwenty ThirteenTwenty FourteenTwenty FifteenTwenty Sixteen and Twenty Seventeen themes.

Applying Increasing Customisation

To apply increasing customisation, go to the “Appearance” tab.  This option is available to school technicians (or authorised administrators) only.

The Appearance tab has the following options for increasing customisation (and note that some options are particular to the theme):

 Themes For Changing the theme
 Customise For various WYSIWYG and other theme-specific changes (and sometimes, including colours)
 Widgets For managing the plugins, as appearing in various locations
 Menus For managing the lists of pages, posts and other links, as appearing in various locations
 Header For changing the main header image
 Background  (sometimes unavailable)
 Edit CSS  For CSS modifications

CSS modifications

The most flexible way to change the appearance, is through CSS modifications.  To change the CSS, go to the “Appearance” tab and then “Edit CSS.”

Note: Persons such as graphic designers with advanced CSS knowledge can make many significant customisations to themes without ever needing to touch the underlying programming and/or structural code.

The Internet has many resources on CSS modifications.

Creating child themes

Child themes are explained on the WordPress codex and are a last-resort when CSS options have been exhausted.

School technicians and/or authorised third-parties can implement Child Themes of the core themes, through the School Websites Module and Theme Development Environment.

Please Contact School Websites to create a child theme.

In some rare cases, brand new themes or external themes other than the WordPress TwentyYear series will be allowed, provided they can be trusted.  Please Contact School Websites to discuss additional customisation options.